Rulebook of behaviour

1. Upon arriving, each guest is obliged to bring an official identification document to the reception for police notification and requirements of the campsite committee.
2. The guest is responsible for checking his/her own documentation in order to immediately identify any possible errors or changes.
3. The campsite committee choose the designated site area and set the rules and regulations which guests are required to respect. The change of pitch can`t be performed without the permission of the campsite committee.
4. All types of vehicles, in particular motor vehicles, can be used only upon arrival on site and departure during the times permitted. Automobiles may be driven to the speed limit of 10 km/h, and the various traffic signs in the campsite area must be obeyed.
5. The guests must respect the privacy and peace of other guests at all times. During  silent hours the use of any articles that produce noise (autumobiles, machinery, instruments, radio units and other) is forbidden.
6. The bill can be paid with Euro or by credit cards (Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, American Express, Diners). The camping pitch must be vacated by 12 o`clock, and holiday home by 10 o`clock.
7. It is strictly forbidden: to throw waste at the campsite area (for that exist areas for wastage); to light fires in the campsite or on the beach, to dig holes on the parcel or to hang ropes.
8. Underaged individuals can only be stationed under the guidance of parents or guardian.
9. Adults are directly responsible for the behaviour of their children at all times, including their noise, livelynes, and games which is not allowed to disturb the peace of the other guests. Children can only use restrooms when accompanied by an adult.
10. Campsite guests who have a bicycle of special value are required to properly secure it (keep the bicycle locked or supervised) and during the guest registration produce the document or serial number of the bicycle.
11. Management is not responsible for any thefts, accidents, damages of property and injuries. Likewise, the management accepts no responsibility for damage caused by thunderstorms, hail, fallen trees, branches, pine cones, illnesses, epidemics, fires, natural catastrophes and other. The guest are recommended to insure themselves at an insurance company of their choice, against possible risks during their stay in the campsite.  
12. It is expected that the guests accept warning or advice from authorised personal in given situations.
13. Visitors of our guests are permitted to enter the campsite upon the approval of the campsite committee. Visitors are responsible to provide their own official identification document. Daily guests are allowed to stay in the campsite area according to the designated times which will be told to them upon arrival.
14. Owners of motor powered or sailing boats are required to respect the regulations of the port authority just as the placed signs in campsite and on the beaches.
15. Dogs are not allowed on the beach.
16. In the campsite is forbidden to bring unregistered persons, vehicles and vessels. Any person found to be in the campsite unregistered shall pay a fine of  150,00 Eur  and must immediately leave the campsite. The management may cancel the contract/stay without refund of previously paid funds for the persons found accommodating the unregistered person.
17. It is forbidden to carry out any work on the pitch and the accommodation facility (mobile home and caravan) without the prior approval of the Campsite Management.

The grounds of fire preventions laws in RH are in place to ensure the safety of the guests on the territory of the camp, strictly forrbids all users of barbaque with open flames ( wood, brikets ), and the guests are directed to a predicted area where they can perform the above under the laws of fire prevention of RH.

The rules of the camp are given to the guests upon their arrival and it is on display in the reception. When entering the camp these rules should be respected. The camp ittee have the right to remove anyone who does not follow the regulations and rules of the camp.