In the camp itself there are courts for various sports activities:beach volleyball and  table tennis .

The camp also offers aerobics in the camp under expert guidance, there is a tennis centre located in the immediate vicinity of the camp, as well as five-a-side soccer courts and cycling trails that lead to and round the nature park Vransko Jezero (Vrana Lake).

The newly built sea promenade renders you the relaxing early morning running and the relaxing afternoon walks or bike rides along the magnificent beaches all up to the town centre.

Content on the campsite

Bike rental

Enjoy challenging bike paths around Vransko Lake, or simply recreate on the trails of Biograd city Park and the coast.

Beach Volleyball

Play volleyball on the grounds of Camping Park Soline.

Try this favourite sport of young people in a bathing suit, sunglasses and a cap.

Outdoor fitness

Outdoor exercise equipment provides fun recreation that is appropriate for all generations.

Content in Biograd


Play on 14 superior courts with night lighting.

Courts are equipped with dressing rooms, toilets and with a coffee bar with a terrace. (Info:Camp reception)

Sea sports

Various sea sports can be enjoyed on almost every beach, during the summer.

Have fun while driving a scooter or try water skiing.


Our diving trips are designed for individuals & groups of all ages and skill levels.

Enjoy the sun. Enjoy the beach. Enjoy the dive!
Explore a beautiful and diverse underwater world of the majestic Adriatic sea — all on your terms.

For more information and reservations please get in touch with our diving coach:
Just Dive Croatia
Tel. +385 99 26 35 547

Swimming school

Spend your vacation at camping Park Soline and let us teach your child various swimming techniques. Swimming is not only an important skill, but also brings a handful of fun while promoting the child’s health and development. Enrol your little one in the swimming school ‘Dolphin’ under the expert guidance of Professor Branka Dominis, and witness them swimming like a fish in a short time! For swimmers from 4-12 years of age.

* The program takes place at the Ilirija swimming pool, and all information can be obtained at:+385 98 558 238.

Trekking - Škraping

It's the right time to take in a full breath.

Walk the nature of pace that you specify, removing negative and collecting positive energy. (Information:Travel Agency Ilirija Tel: +385 (0)23 383 121)


Magnificent Paco, Furia, Elena and the rest of the team will surely not leave you indifferent.

Nearby horseback riding, off-road riding, therapeutic riding are at your disposal, in a beautiful location. (Info:Ilirija Travel Agency Tel: +385 (0) 23 383 121)

Bird watching

All seasons are suitable for bird watching, on Vransko Lake.

Prepare binoculars, small notes, comfortable boots, and sportswear and let the adventure begin. Information:Ilirija Travel Agency, tel: +385 (0)23 383 121)


One of the best rafting in this part of Europe is in our immediate vicinity. Beauty Zrmanja, its perfectly clear water, magnificent canyons, leave without a word anyone who is left to its dynamic rapids.

Whitewater rafting trip on Zrmanja on a path Mlini Žegar - Berberov buk is 14.5 km long, and takes 2.5 to 3 hours depending on water levels of the river. The first part of the trail (6 km) has a slope of 2.5% and is abundant with streams and not so challenging obstacles i.e. larger or smaller waterfalls. After the Big Buk (after 6 km), which is 11.9 m high and is bypassed on foot, slope of the river becomes more intense, more demanding and bigger.

Immediately after the Big Buk, the river Krupa flows into Zrmanja, which has its own catchment sources and its tributaries Krneza. The whole river is followed by a beautiful canyon and very specific flora and fauna; it is abundant with very interesting speleological objects-caves, subterranean river flows and underwater caves.

The temperature of the river is only a few degrees below the temperature. The river is perfect for water sports, especially kayaking, canoeing and rafting. By its very structure, it is suited for tourists, beginners. In other words the first part of the river allows each tourist, athlete-beginner i.e., to all eager for adventure and nature lovers, to be introduced with the river, the boat used and the patterns on the river, with no major risks. This also means that in another part of rafting trip which, because of its structure, becomes more difficult we have a well prepared and professionally instructed tourist, traveller or athlete beginner who will, with the expert guidance of leader (skipper), have no problems in enjoying the beauty of the canyon and at the same time moving his/her human and sporting boundaries.

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Canoe Safari

Excursion program

Arrival at our base, which is the goal of our trip, in the village Muškovci is at 10:00 am. We pick up equipment and departure towards the start in the village of Kaštel Žegarski to which we drive 30 minutes. After outfitting, instructions on safety on the river and on rowing techniques, around 11:30 begins an adventure that lasts 5 - 6 hours including rests and swimming. Tour is 15 km long and requires 5-6 hours of easy paddling including rests.

Zrmanja is still at the beginning, which is ideal to learn the basics of paddling. Around the halfway, we turn in the river Krupa, a wonderful place to relax, eat sandwiches and bathe. When we go back to Zrmanja, there is waterfall 11 meters high, which of course we will visit. The second part of the river is a little more exciting, there are more small waterfalls and rapids. If conditions permit, there is also a 3-meter waterfall, which we can pass in a boat. Tired, we reach the goal and while singing in the bus, we travel home where we arrive in the evening.

Boats and equipment

We use stable sit-on-top kayaks for two people. Each kayak also has a waterproof container volume of 25 litres (for the camera, documents, dry clothes, food...), two paddles, safety vests and helmets.

Bring your own

Old sneakers, sandals or neoprene shoes for water, swim suit, dry clothes, sandwiches, water, sun cream and strap for glasses.

Food & Drinks

Food and drinks are not included in the price and it is good that the guests bring their own. In Muškovci you can buy sandwiches, hamburgers, beer and refreshments.

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